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Surabaya itself there is an excellent selection of girls of all ages.
at generally reasonable prices. You need to hire a driver from your.
hotel to take you to the local red light district and be your.
guide/interpreter/negotiator (this will cost you about $3 to $5 an.
hour). The district doesn’t really get active until after 7:00 PM.
and it consists of about 4 or 5 blocks of small bars and houses along.
a narrow dimly lit street (not a place to go without a local guide!).
to 30 girls. You walk into any place, look the girls over (they are.
usually seated on benches), and if you don’t find what you want you.
walk next door to the next place. Finding a good looking girl is no.
problem since most are young and fresh looking (average age is.
probably 20). You should let your guide know if you want a girl who.
will give head, otherwise you will probably get only straight sex.
The prices are highly negotiable and the first price quoted will.
often be high. Be prepared to walk out and look at more places if.
the price is too high. Price for a short-time is usually $20-$25,
and a girl for all night is $60 to $90. The local hotels have no.
problem with customers bringing women to their rooms.
high in the mountains where it is scenic and cool. In Tretes there.
is a subdivision set off from the road where you have to pass a guard.
at a toll booth. You pay 500 Rupiah (about 24 cents, U.S.) and he.
raises a gate to let your car pass. Inside this area are about 40 or.
50 establishments much like the ones in Surabaya, but here the prices.
are lower. Short time is $10 to $15 and all night is $40 to $70.
Madura. You might want to ask for one of these since they are famous.
throughout Indonesia for practicing a type of sexual massage. This.
massage is given to your penis with their vagina muscles and it is.
like they have a little milking machine up inside their pussy.
Damndest thing I ever felt!
is a disappointment when it comes to women – especially after.
experiencing Surabaya. Prices are high ($40 for a short time) and.
there are only 2 or three small brothels in town. Hotel drivers can.
take you there. There are no massage parlours for tourists that I.
could find. Many hotels won’t allow you to bring girls to your room,
so all-nighters are difficult.
prices there are ridiculous ($100 or more for a short time at the 3.
brothels I visited). There are many freelancers working the bars and.
discos (Jakarta has a very lively nightlife) in areas such as Blok M,
and these are much cheaper. However, keep in mind that the crime.
rate in Jakarta is very high, so watch your wallet and be very.
careful of who you go with and where. Most good hotels in Jakarta.
won’t allow you to bring a girl to your room because of problems with.
theft. In all, your best bet in Jakarta is to catch the first plane.
headed to Surabaya. Even with the air fare ($150 one way) you will.
come out ahead after 2 or 3 days and you won’t have to worry about.
called the Riau Islands. Two of these islands, Batam and Bintan, are.
located just south of Singapore. Anyone going to Singapore can.
easily visit these islands by catching the ferry from the World Trade.
Center in Singapore. RT to Batam is $17 and RT to the town of T.G.
Pinang on Bintan is $57.
Singapore. Club 88, club 77, and Golder Star are a few. Each is.
filled with 30 to 60 girls that can be had for 50 Singapore Dollars.
($35 U.S.) for a short time, or 100 Sing. Dollars for all night.
Prices at the different clubs are all about the same and they won’t.
negotiate. The quality of the women at these clubs are fair to good –
average age maybe 20 or 21. Hotels on Batam are much cheaper than.
on Singapore – you can find decent lodging for you and your girl for.
about $40 – $50 a night.
hours), but you might make it up in lower hotel rates ($30 is.
average). There are several brothels within and near T.G. Pinang.
with fair selections of girls. Again, you must have a driver to take.
you there and be your interpreter. This is no problem since as soon.
as you step off of the ferry you will be approached by drivers. You.
MUST get your driver from the ferry landing area since most hotels do.
not have drivers. One place of special interest to see is called.
’24’ since it is located 24 kilometers from town. This is a small.
village where between 500 to 1000 girls live. Each of the many small.
buildings in this area has between 15 to 30 girls, and in the late.
afternoon many come out and sit on the front porches so that you can.
drive or walk up and down the streets and look them over. Prices are.
$10 to $20 for a short time and $40 to 65 for all night (you must.
bargain). The girls don’t like short-times – they want you to ‘book’
them for all night. The quality here is uneven – the better lookers.
probably end up in Batam or closer to town. This should be no.
problem with so many to choose from. Be advised that these girls are.
not ‘pros’. They, like most prostitutes in Indonesia, are young.
women from rural areas in Java or elsewhere who are trying to make.

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The John said that IG prostitutes can make a range of money for sexual favors starting at around $500 per hour, and that seasoned escorts can bank over $10,000 for an overnight stay.
Of course Instagram does not approve of such behavior from the Johns or the women, stating in their Terms of Use: “You may not use the Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You agree to comply with all laws, rules and regulations (for example, federal, state, local and provincial) applicable to your use of the Service and your Content (defined below), including but not limited to, copyright laws.”
We reached out to Instagram to see if anyone has been removed from the service for using it to promote prostitution but did not hear back.
As for a woman who might be outed on sites like The Dirty and Tag Your Sponsor, Richie said the publicity can actually help increase their business.
“These women panic at first, threatening legal action against, but what is better than money is fame," he said. "They instantly become Insta-famous and a sea of men reach out to them ready to open their wallets for sex.”
FOX411 reached out to Tag Your Sponsor and Tag The Sponsor but did not receive comment.
Girls for sale: Indramayu’s prostitution production line.
One region in Indonesia supplies a hugely disproportionate number of the country’s prostitutes, many of them in their mid-teens. Michael Bachelard visits Indramayu to ask why so many families are selling their daughters.
SHARE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link “Cash cows”: Nur’Asiah, a sex worker in her room in Indramayu, West Java. Photo: Eka Nickmatulhuda.
Son is the pimp from central casting. Dressed in black skivvy and pants, he’s boastful and loquacious with a chunky gold ring and “Barbie Girl” for a phone ringtone.
He claims he no longer works in Indonesia’s thriving sex industry, but then extols his judgment as a purveyor of girls.
“Men like a body like a guitar,” he says, appraising the form of my companion and Good Weekend photographer, Eka Nickmatulhuda.
Until last year, Son worked as a “channeller”, supplying village girls from the Indramayu region of West Java to the brothels of Jakarta and Sumatra.
“If a family wanted to sell their girl, they’d usually come to me and say, ‘Can you help my daughter? Can you take her?’ ‘Okay, what do you want?’ I’d say. ‘We want a house.’ ”
Son would then tell the parents if their desires were realistic: “A pimp can see if the girl is pretty enough, how many guests she will get per night. It’s as simple as that.”
SHARE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link Class action: A teacher and pupils at a school run by anti-trafficking NGO Yayasan Kusuma. Photo: Eka Nickmatulhuda.
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The parents would get a loan and their daughter would pay it back with her labour, usually over 2 to 3 years. “They are like a cash cow, but they need to work hard,” Son says.
A disproportionate number of Indonesia’s prostitutes come from this one small cluster of villages in West Java. Not every girl here becomes a sex worker, but again and again in these villages we hear the same story: when an Indramayu family has a baby girl, they celebrate. They know that, if it becomes necessary in the future, she’ll be able to support her whole family. Indramayu has become the region that sells its daughters.
SHARE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link Seven-year-old Disty at the ceremony to mark the circumcision she had at birth. Photo: Eka Nickmatulhuda.
Nur’asiah is a slight 21-year-old. On the wall of her grandparents’ house in the Indramayu village of Bongas hangs a picture of her as a little girl dressed up as a princess. But this young woman is herself the mother of a six-year-old son, born when she was 15. She is also a veteran of an 18-month career as a prostitute and “sexy dancer” in the King Cross bar in the north Jakarta suburb of Kelapa Gading.
“A friend from a nearby village offered me the job,” Nur’Asiah says. “She was also a sexy dancer.”
Girls there were paid about $10 for dancing four times a night, and another $1 if her guest bought a drink. But the real money was for sex. At first Nur’Asiah only wanted to dance, but the bar owner pushed the point.
“The boss suggested I take some money for the family,” Nur’Asiah says. “After he offered that, I called home, asking people here what they wanted . I knew then that by saying yes, I’d have to do sexy dancing ‘plus plus’. ”
The loan was 30 million rupiah (about $3000), which her family used to renovate their house and buy a motorbike and rice seeds. Money also went to support Nur’Asiah’s son. She’d accompany clients back to their hotels, earning 1 million rupiah (about $100) for sex.
“The first time I was nervous and afraid because he was a stranger, and I was sad because it was not with someone I liked or loved,” she says. “I feel like I was forced. I didn’t like it, but I needed the money.”

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ly, the General of the Franciscans in his Introduction. “The Everlasting Gospel” was declared by its adherents to have supplanted the New Testament, as that had supplanted the Old-these three books constituting a threefold revelation, answering to the Trinity of the Godhead. At once there was a cry from the whole hierarchy. The Pope, Alexander IV., without delay, took measures for the destruction of the book. Whoever kept or concealed a copy was excommunicate. But among the lower mendicants-the Spiritualists, as they were termed-the work was held in the most devout repute. With them it had taken the place of the Holy Scriptures. So far from being suppressed, it was followed, in about forty years, A.D. 1297, by the Comment on the Apocalypse, by John Peter Oliva, who, in Sicily, had accepted the three epochs or ages, and divided the middle one-the Christian-into seven stages: the age of the Apostles; that of the Martyrs; that of Heresies; that of Hermits; that of the Monastic System; that of the overthrow of Anti-Christ, and that of the coming Millennium. He agreed with his predecessors in the impending abolition of Roman Christianity, stigmatized that Church as the purple harlot, and with them affirmed that the pope and all his hierarchy had become superfluous and obsolete-” their work was done, their doom sealed.” His zealous followers declared that the sacraments of the Church were now all useless, those administering them having no longer any jurisdiction. The burning of thousands of these “Fratricelli” by the Inquisition was altogether inadequate to suppress them. Eventually, when the Reformation occurred, they mingled among the followers of Luther. To the internal and doctrinal troubles thus befalling the Church, material and foreign ones of the most vital importance were soon added. The true reason of the difficulties into which the papacy was falling was now coming conspicuously into light. It was absolutely necessary that money should be drawn to Rome, and the sovereigns of the Western kingdoms, France and England, from which it had hitherto been largely obtained, were determined that it should be so no longer. They had equally urgent need of all that could be extorted themselves. In France, even by St. Louis, it was enacted that the papal power in the election of the clergy should be restrained; and, complaining of the drain of money from the kingdom to Rome, he applied the effectual remedy of prohibiting any such assessments or taxations for the future. We have now reached the pontificate of Boniface VIII., an epoch in the intellectual history of Europe. Under the title of Celestine V. a visionary hermit had been raised to the papacy-visionary, for Peter Morrone (such was his name) had long been indulged in apparitions of angels and the sounds of phantom bells in the air.
Peter was escorted from his cell to his supreme position by admiring crowds; but it very soon became apparent that the life of an anchorite is not a preparation for the duties of a pope. The conclave of cardinals had elected him, not from any impression of his suitableness, but because they were evenly balanced in two parties, neither of which would give way. They were therefore driven to a temporary and available election. But scarcely had this been done when his incapacity became conspicuous and his removal imperative. It is said that the friends of Benedetto Gaetani, the ablest of the cardinals, through a hole perforated in the pope’s chamber wall, at midnight, in a hollow voice, warned him that he retained his dignity at the peril of his soul, and in the name of God commanded him to abdicate. And so, in spite of all importunity, he did. His abdication was considered by many pious men as striking a death-blow at papal infallibility. It was during his pontificate that the miracle of Loretto occurred. The house inhabited by the Virgin immediately after her conception had been converted, on the death of the Holy Family, into a chapel, and St. Luke had presented to it an image, carved by his own hands, still known as our Lady of Loretto. Some angels, chancing to be at Nazareth when the Saracen conquerors approached, fearing that the sacred relic might fall into their possession, took the house bodily in their hands, and, carrying it through the air, after several halts, finally deposited it at Loretto in Italy. So Benedetto Gaetani, whether by such wily procurements or not, became Pope Boniface VIII., A.D. 1294. His election was probably due to King Charles, who held twelve electoral votes, the bitter personal animosity of the Colonnas having been either neutralized or overcome. The first care of Boniface was to consolidate his power and relieve himself of a rival. In the opinion of many it was not possible for a pope to abdicate. Confinement in prison soon (A.D. 1296) determined that question. The soul of Celestine was seen by a monk ascending the skies, which opened to receive it into heaven; and a splendid funeral informed his enemies that they must now acknowledge Boniface as the unquestioned pope. But the princely Colonnas, the leaders of the Ghibelline faction in Rome, who had resisted the abdication of Celestine to the last, and were, therefore, mortal enemies of Boniface, revolted. He published a bull against and them; he excommunicated them. With an ominous anticipation of the future-for they were familiar with the papal power, and knew where to touch it to the quick-they appealed to a ” General Council.” Since supernatural weapons did not seem to avail, Boniface proclaimed a crusade against them. The issue answered his expectations. Palestrina, one of their strong-holds, which in a moment of weakness they had surrendered, was utterly devastated and sown with salt.

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As a courtesan, I do not actually have specific ‘skills’ or techniques that I strategically use on my clients. Rather, most of my clients derive their pleasure from pleasing me. They meet me. They see my body. They are besotted by my overall presence. My erotic appeal is, at first, visual….it’s my smile, my eyes, my body language. Otherwise, I do not perform any special sexual manoeuvres to seduce them. I just act myself in the moment, and we go with the flow . Most of the time, clients are already turned on (erect) by just meeting, seeing, talking, or touching the lady of their choosing.
When I first started this job, I really had little knowledge or experience with sex. When clients would meet me, they would be immensely aroused by just looking at me. My beauty, demeanour, and personality ignited their flames. I had no idea, back then, on how to act with clients. My experience is slightly biased, though, because of my body type. My body and the way I conduct myself, somehow, evokes submissiveness in many clients. I have a very womanly body, with very large breasts. Most clients want to, as some say, ‘worship,’ my body. Generally, kissing and caressing my body arouses them, so by the time we have sex, they are ready to explode. And when sweet men kiss and caress my body, with love and care, I am often very receptive to their touch and enjoy the embrace. So in actuality, it is clients who perform their skills on me , initially.
When I connect with certain clients of mine, it’s not so much the acts of sex, but rather the overall connection (the conversation, the caresses, the touches, the comfort). This is unique to every encounter, as it plays out differently with different clients.
The alluring part of seeing prostitutes is the overall setting — the fact there is no social pressures, obligations or expectations. A man can feel more at ease with a prostitute for a variety of reasons. She might be more sexually confident in how she conducts herself, or perhaps open-minded or explorational. Or just the fact she is attractive might be satisfying enough.
Unlike myself, many escorts are not welcoming of pleasure. A lot of the sex that occurs between prostitutes and clients is mechanical, and very ’empty.’ This is due to the reality that most sex workers in a contemporary context are not selling themselves for personal pleasure, but rather purely for financial needs. In such cases, the sex that occurs is often conventional, and not outlandish or strikingly ‘exotic’ as one may think. Clients can still cum even when there is no connection established. On the other hand, the minority of escorts, like myself, who do enjoy aspects of their job, might utilize mental and intellectual skills to connect with clients. The sex becomes special, not because of physical acts, but because of the connection established. As I say numerous times on my blog, amazing sex is based on chemistry of two bodies (a rather spiritual bond that cannot be learned, nor forced through ‘skill.’).
2. How to Behave like a High-Class Prostitute?
I stress the importance of being yourself. There are, unfortunately, some expectations associated with being a high-class prostitute, such as dressing a certain way, or mimicking the ‘elite.’ But honestly, one can still be a high-end prostitute and avoid these things. Some men care about fancy lingerie, while others don’t care at all. Some care about being polished, while others aren’t focused on such details. In essence, no matter how one behaves, an escort can NEVER appeal to all. If one is trying to manipulate their behavior, in order to achieve some sort of ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ persona, they are setting themselves up for disappointment. Yes, even the most beautiful woman (by societies commercialized standards) can be unappealing for certain men, as there is so much variety in attraction.
3. Is it wrong to do sex with an Escort?
It’s ‘wrong’ if you internalize the idea of it being wrong. The mass shame associated with sexuality and sexual expression has a history, which the French philosopher Michel Foucault shows in “A History of Sexuality” is a modern European phenomenon, that emerged in the late 19th Century pertaining to the European obsession with trying to ‘scientifically’ define sex. The remains of these constructed ideas still exist — in social attitudes, in laws, etc. If you understand the history of sexuality, then you will likely understand why many people feel there is ‘shame’ with certain sexualities, sex acts or perhaps an ‘excess’ of it.
Bare in mind that prostitutes/courtesans have existed in other times and places where they were celebrated and held important status in certain societies. The contexts were vastly different than today. The ills of sex work today are related to the current social, political and economic context.
If you sleep with an escort, and you show her respect by being considerate, polite, treating her as an equal and paying her for her time,then how can it be wrong? But if you treat her like unjustly and insignificant, then yes…you are causing harm to another human soul.

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